Can’t garden yet, so let’s talk knitting!

Here in the Vancouver BC area, winter has been kind. The only snow came and left so quickly that I almost slept through it, which made me feel a little sad. I like experiencing the change of seasons, and snow (to me) is what makes winter! On the plus side, if this continues I’ll be out in the garden by the end of February, and we barely broke out the snow shovels!

basket of yarnMeanwhile, I am knitting (with occasional bouts of crochet); my other great love. I spent time on Ravelry this morning doing a little plotting and planning for Spring knitting projects, while promising myself none of these things will be started before I finish up some of the long neglected items that fill my project bags and baskets.

A prime example of neglected for far too long would be this “Homage to Acrylic” crochet afghan that I started in 2008 (ACK) for my daughter, Lindsay. Needless to say this has climbed to the top of the guilt list as the “must finish now” project for January/February 2014. I had hoped to get it all done this month, but my wrist isn’t going to hold out if I continue to crochet for 6 hours a day. Finished by February will work just fine.

As always, getting the colours right will be the hardest part!Back on Ravelry, I instantly fell in love with Knittingtherapy’s beautiful BlueSand Cardigan and instantly purchased the pattern. I’m using stash just to figure out a colour sequence before making any yarn purchases. I’d prefer to knit from the stash too, but I don’t think that’s going to work. I want low contrast stripes, which will be more flattering for my shorter stature and body type.