Happy days are here again!

The other day I went to one of my “happiest places on earth”, and no – it wasn’t Disneyland! I went to visit one of our local nurseries that’s a favourite of mine because of the helpful staff, Amsterdam Garden Centre. While it was a little too early to peruse their collection of floral annuals for my gardens, it wasn’t too soon to check out things like seeds, soil, seed potatoes and ornamental grasses. I kept reminding myself there were two main reasons for this visit: a coupon for sea soil and a coupon for a free Dahlia. As I walked across the parking lot my inner voice whispered, “the season is early so there’s no need to get carried away!”

something interesting for the garden?

something interesting for the garden?

That didn’t mean I couldn’t look around for a little inspiration once I had queued the soil by the front desk, so look I did! We have big plans to pull out all the old shrubs in the front garden and update the landscaping so it was time to see what had immediate appeal.This grass called “Big Twister” caught my eye, it’s something I’d love to bring into our garden for sure.

While walking around I remembered to pick up two small pots of Rosemary (Arp & Tuscan Blue), and to check on the availability of Sieglinde potatoes. The potatoes weren’t in yet, but I got my name on the call list for 2 bags! I’m excited to grow potatoes this year.

I would have headed out to look at small trees but it was getting late and I wanted to get home so it was time to head to the checkout.

And because I’m trying to track expenditures this year:

THE HAUL : 3 bags of sea soil (buy 2 get 1 free), a HUGE bag of all-purpose container soil, 1 (free with coupon) Matisse Dahlia, the March 2013 issue of Gardens West, 2 pots Rosemary and a free 2013 West Coast Seeds Catalogue.

Grand total (with taxes): $67.08