Can’t get the geek outta the girl!

Can't get the geek outta the girlI keep saying no more geek talk, but then I find one more geeky tech thing that I love and feel the need to talk about it. See that photo on the left? It’s an instagram photo I took of my laptop screen to show what I was doing, which was creating a “recipe” on IFTTT, a site I found when googling different ways of adding Instagram photos to (specifically) a WordPress blog.

What I like about this is that if I’m out and take an Instagram photo that I think is worth a blog post, I can get that photo sent automatically to my blog, as a draft. What this means is I can tweak things even more before publishing my post. I like that the photo will already be here when I open up my dashboard, so if I’m feeling lazy I can just select one of these draft photos, add some text and publish! It means I won’t forget what I wanted to blog about (short memory at times, what can I say)! It also gives me a few back-up images if I’m pressed for time or out of things to say (which is probably unlikely but you never know)!

If you’re curious, go check out, there’s lots to explore!

WordPress & child themes & stylesheets – oh my!

I think I’m done for the most part. I started with a different theme, set up a child theme for it and then decided I hated the direction it was going in so I started again. This time I’m happier with the end result. Still need to add a couple of pages but now that I’m happy with the layout that part should be pretty quick.

As to WordPress, there’s a lot to learn when you start customizing a theme, and while creating a child theme is the way to go, you still have to know a few things that aren’t always obvious. For example, the style sheet in the parent theme impacts the child theme so you’re constantly cross referencing the two to catch the bits that are messing up your newly created layout (fixed that little problem)!

The hardest part of the layout (for me) was getting those darn social icons to even show up. I finally got it figured out, thanks to a good starter tutorial online combined with much googling and looking “under the hood” of other WordPress blogs. Once I got them in place the formatting began and my rusty css skills started coming back to me. Google was really my friend in this instance.

But then I started looking at site optimization, which led to worrying about page loads which led to spending half a day looking at css sprites and how to implement, which made my brain feel like it was exploding so I stopped reading (for now).

I need to leave well enough alone. Honestly if I don’t just get this out there I will forever be the only one reading this darn thing.

New posts with no geek talk start no later than March 4th. This is the promise I make to myself.

P.S. If you’re visiting and see something funky, please let me know in the comments! Thanks!

It’s like riding a bicycle

My inner geek took hold and last night I couldn’t stop reading about how to customize WordPress. Along with that I was getting myself back into remembering everything I’d learned over the years (school, books, etc) about php and css. It’s been awhile and I am rusty! I haven’t even begun to touch on stuff I know nothing about (like retina display – yikes) or what HTML5 might  mean to all this.

This morning I woke with burning eyes and a head chock full of ideas. However, in the glaring light of day I realized I could do one of two things: (a) ride that bicycle round and round while I endlessly tweaked the code or (b) customize just enough to make this blog feel like me so that I could get on with the business of actually blogging!

This weekend is busy with seed starting, menu planning (for a certain person’s birthday), hockey (GO CANUCKS) and the Oscars! Then next week I will get moving on a plan to post here regularly with lots of photos of what I’m up to.