new beginnings

Wow. Two years of silence and I find myself wondering if I really want to keep doing this. So many things have changed in the last two years, some good and some not so good.

Rather than try to explain my absence I’ll just kind of pick up again and continue writing about my day to day life. Hubby is now retired so life has changed a little but for the good. He doesn’t like gardening quite as much as I do, but he is around more to help with maintenance and the heavy lifting.

I’m impatient for Spring to really and truly arrive. The last few weeks we’ve had a lot of rain but I won’t complain. Last year we had some extreme drought conditions (weird, with living on the “wet” coast). Some areas of BC weren’t allowed any watering at all and many of our nurseries lost valuable stock.

Today’s temperature: 10ºC  . Cloudy with the occasional shower.