Can’t get the geek outta the girl!

Can't get the geek outta the girlI keep saying no more geek talk, but then I find one more geeky tech thing that I love and feel the need to talk about it. See that photo on the left? It’s an instagram photo I took of my laptop screen to show what I was doing, which was creating a “recipe” on IFTTT, a site I found when googling different ways of adding Instagram photos to (specifically) a WordPress blog.

What I like about this is that if I’m out and take an Instagram photo that I think is worth a blog post, I can get that photo sent automatically to my blog, as a draft. What this means is I can tweak things even more before publishing my post. I like that the photo will already be here when I open up my dashboard, so if I’m feeling lazy I can just select one of these draft photos, add some text and publish! It means I won’t forget what I wanted to blog about (short memory at times, what can I say)! It also gives me a few back-up images if I’m pressed for time or out of things to say (which is probably unlikely but you never know)!

If you’re curious, go check out, there’s lots to explore!