Longing for the sun

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Even more than wanting to be warm without socks and hoodies, I’m anxious for the sun to stay out for longer than a day at a time. I miss the sun. This photo makes me smile because I remember what a gorgeous August day it was, and how perfect the yard looked to me. I think while the yard still looks so barren and empty you’ll be seeing a lot of photos from last year on here.

This past Monday I managed to cut the edge around 90% of the new garden space, then dig about a 3′ x 3′ piece of sod out (where the raspberries are moving to) before the rains took hold again. The raspberries were planted too close to the deck (my fault), and I’m digging out a 10 foot x 3 foot area for them first. I’ll turn it by hand and add some compost and build it up with soil from the existing vegetable garden. We’ll add the wood ties later. After removing the sod from the rest of the new section I’m going to rent a rototiller. The beds are going to be raised but this soil is heavy (and clay-based) and turning it all by hand would not be good for me or the hubby, who has offered to help on his days off from work. After that I’ll get a couple of yards of good garden soil delivered, which I’ll then have to transport from where-ever it gets dumped to the garden in the back.

I did manage to plant some garlic and was pleased to see that I have some green onions coming up that self-seeded from last year. Bonus!

I’m taking a one day beginner landscaping course at a local nursery in a couple more weeks, and found a program online to map out my garden so I took all sorts of measurements on Monday. As well, I ordered a couple of interesting looking gardening books, which arrived unexpectedly today (surprised the heck out of me since I used amazon’s free shipping option which usually takes at least 5 days if not longer). There will be more on these books and the author later.

Since today was a lovely day to be outside ONLY if you are a duck, I spent my time immersed in code, trying to learn as much as I can about WordPress. I’ve not stretched my brain like this for a while and it feels good (and struggled with “a while” vs “awhile”, so it was nice to have Grammar Girl to fall back on).

My garden books are calling… can you hear them? Since the new washer/dryer won’t be arriving until the middle of next week (our 23 year old pair packed it in), I also have that time when I’d normally be doing laundry to enjoy the new books. Who needs clean clothes anyway?