It’s like riding a bicycle

My inner geek took hold and last night I couldn’t stop reading about how to customize WordPress. Along with that I was getting myself back into remembering everything I’d learned over the years (school, books, etc) about php and css. It’s been awhile and I am rusty! I haven’t even begun to touch on stuff I know nothing about (like retina display – yikes) or what HTML5 might  mean to all this.

This morning I woke with burning eyes and a head chock full of ideas. However, in the glaring light of day I realized I could do one of two things: (a) ride that bicycle round and round while I endlessly tweaked the code or (b) customize just enough to make this blog feel like me so that I could get on with the business of actually blogging!

This weekend is busy with seed starting, menu planning (for a certain person’s birthday), hockey (GO CANUCKS) and the Oscars! Then next week I will get moving on a plan to post here regularly with lots of photos of what I’m up to.