Blogger with good intentions

“Blogger with good intentions” should definitely be the name of this blog because I failed miserably at making ANY posts about the garden once it got going. It just seemed there was never any time for anything other than posting the odd photo on Instagram or Facebook. So to the handful of people who bookmarked this blog, and the few that occasionally message me to ask “why aren’t you posting?” – I apologize.

gardenbellIt’s getting on to fall now and I am getting ready to put the garden to bed for the winter. I thought about being a year round gardener but then I realized that as someone who hates to be wet or cold that would be a really unpleasant thing to attempt!

What I will do instead is make the effort to post more here over the next little while about what worked (and didn’t) in the garden of 2013. I will add some photos and show a little of our plans for next year for both the front and back yards. I will talk about my knitting, which is fully underway again, and my attempts to do better meal planning than I’ve been doing over the summer.