Who Me?

Me?    Reclusive, gardening, picture taking, quinquagenarian geek. I love the Vancouver Canucks, music and reading. I like to play with random bits of code and know just enough to be a danger to myself. I’m also a knitter who dabbles in crochet and pretends to be crafty. I love taking photos but am terribly lazy about posting them anywhere. Married with grown daughters.

What?    This is my personal blog; a place to talk about what interests me (mostly gardening these days). Opinions are mine, you can choose not to follow along if you really don’t like them. Not a lot of cute kid photos, cute animal photos or even knitting lately, but give it time.

Why?    Again with the garden, because I want a place to keep track of my gardening experiments in an ORGANIZED fashion. Last year I had good intentions of keeping a paper journal, which ended up being just a few chicken scratches on a calendar, and a bunch of photos that never left my hard drive. I’m already online all the time looking for information, my photos are right here too, so maybe this will be the winning combination. Also I’d like to connect with like-minded gardening souls, share ideas and maybe learn more along the way.